P&L Nails&Spa

P&L Nails & Spa




P&L Nails & Spa mission statement is simple: Quality services at affordable prices offered in an upscale, spa environment . P & L Nails & Spa is a family-owned business and is dedicated to providing excellent customer service and the highest level of cleaning and disinfection. Our licensed technicians proudly use Disinfection to disinfect all instruments and foot spas after every use. Our manicure tables are equipped with an exhaust system; we also have aroma therapy systems which provides the utmost clean air, free of pollution. Our owner is the former Director Of Housekeeping in upscale hotels. She routinely inspects all of our work stations, tools and equipment; ensuring that we meet the highest cleanliness and hygienic standards . P & L Nails & Spa is committed to excellence and the highest degree of customer satisfaction.


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